School Fundraising Ideas that Actually Work & Increase Donations fundraiser companies for schools

When you’re low on inspiration, coming up with clever and engaging school fundraising ideas can be a challenge. School fundraisers are necessary but sometimes, the tried and true ideas feel a little tired. How can you spice it up and get your crowd interested?

Let’s talk about some of the best school fundraisers that your students – and parents – will love!

Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fundraisers for schools are so important for a variety of reasons. While the main reason is to raise money for the school, fundraising also teaches students how to plan events, work with others, be creative, and handle money. It helps them build confidence and develop valuable leadership skills that will benefit them for years to come.

Whether you work with a student leadership team, PTO, or other school-related organization, the key to a successful school fundraiser is to have a plan in place. Work together to explore some new, fresh fundraising ideas for your school. fundraiser companies for schools

Some of the best fundraising ideas for schools include:

1. An Online Auction

Everyone loves an auction! Online auctions are great fundraisers for schools because your students and staff can share the link to your auction with out-of-state friends and family. Simply upload your auction items, share the link to the fundraising platform, and let the bidding begin!

Online platforms, like BetterWorld, make it easy to add functionalities like video integration, text message notifications to bidders, online item donation forms, and popcorn bidding. With these special features, your participants will feel just as excited as they would about attending a live auction!

2. Principal Challenge

Any school fundraisers involving the principal are going to be popular amongst students, regardless of age. You can also include the vice principal, popular teachers, or other school leaders to increase the odds of participation.

Ways to push your principal out of his or her comfort zone for a good cause include:

  • Slime Your Principal
  • Silly String Your Principal
  • Pie in the Face
  • Tape Your Principal to the Wall

Set up an online donation website for students to solicit donations from friends and family members across the country.

You can even live-stream your principal challenge on the donation site! This is a great way to involve other schools around your district who might want to see your principal in action.

Any sort of silly and fun idea is always a hit with students. Just make sure you get your principal to agree first!

3. Pizza Party

Everyone loves food! In exchange for a few dollars, you can give your students the afternoon off from studying and treat them to some free pizza. Add in some games, music, or other fun activities and turn it into an all-school party!

Not into pizza? Other ideas include a sundae bar or a taco party.

Want to turn it into a competition? Set up a raffle using the tools provided by BetterWorld. The class with the most donations wins the pizza party or sundae bar in the raffle!

Not only is this a creative fundraiser idea for school but it’s also a fun way for your students to relax and bond with their classmates after weeks of hard work.

4. T-Shirt Design Contest

Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? Selling t-shirts with your school’s name or logo is always a popular fundraiser but why not switch it up a bit and turn it into a contest?

Let students enter school-friendly t-shirt designs into a competition. The one with the most votes wins!

When setting up the online voting, you can use BetterWorld’s ticketing platform. The Custom Questions option is a great place to vote for the winning design.

To make it even more exciting, add an auto-updating Leaderboard so voters can track which design is winning!

It’s a great way to raise money for your school, involve your students in a hands-on way, and build school spirit, all at the same time.

5. Color Run

Races and 5ks have always been one of the best school fundraisers but jazz it up a bit by adding a bit of color! Color runs are fun for participants who are both throwing the dye and running through it. Plus, you can get some really great social media-friendly pictures!

Online ticketing software like BetterWorld makes organizing events like this super easy with mobile check-in, professional ticket branding, and multi-tiered ticketing options.

Turn your color run into a school-wide block party or BBQ to raise even more money. Have snacks, pizza, and drinks for sale. It’s the perfect way to end the school year on a bright note!