8 Modern Middle School Fundraising Ideas That Students Will Love

There are so many fundraising options to choose from it’s hard to know which ones are best for your school. We’ve compiled the best school fundraisers, so PTAs and PTOs can create successful and engaging fundraisers. From fundraisers that are quick and easy, to fundraisers that are unique and out-of-the-box, you’re sure to find a few for your school. While many elementary school fundraisers focus on meeting a school’s financial needs, for school districts with ample funding, consider using crowdfunding to give back instead.
At the bottom, each student identified their fingerprint with their signature. Clay discs, created by each individual student, are artfully arranged inside a frame. Another Van Gogh–inspired art project, this one allows each student to create their own individual flower to add to the vase. Demonstrate for your students how to create the shape of a heart with their hands.
These characteristics are typical of non-selling school fundraising concepts. Charge concertgoers like friends and family who attend as well as the bands. Read-a-Thons are yet another excellent fundraising concept for elementary schools. This fundraising idea is an excellent approach to getting people interested in your organization and your job. Additionally, fundraising enables parents to participate and take an active part in their children’s life.
Each dot reveals a donation amount ranging from $.50 to $3.00, and supporters scratch off as many dots as they wish. In exchange for their on-the-spot donation, they receive a coupon sheet with a $50+ value towards local restaurants and retailers. With no upfront costs and 40% profit, this is a great, low-stress choice for your next dance team fundraiser. Launch it on its own, or pair it with a movie night fundraiser to generate more buzz and profit.
Boost donations by adding the option for students to do extra challenges in their PJs, such as a dance routine or physical activity. A pajama day lets people relax and get comfy in a way they usually don’t get to at school. It’s also a super flexible fundraiser you can customize in a million ways. The basic formula is that students get sponsored to wear their PJs all day, while adult participants (such as teachers and administration) can pay for the privilege.
A fun twist on the traditional bake sale, the treasure cupcakes are sure to be a win! Hide a little something in a cupcake or two (e.g. a token or a ceramic figurine) that will trigger a “grand prize”. Looking for more effective ideas for clubs and organizations? Commit to planting a certain number of trees that match up with your fundraising goal (for example, 10 trees for $1000). Watch this short video to learn how you can host a community serve-a-thon for your school with utmost efficacy.
All you need is the right auction ideas to set your next school auction up for success. You can  help to make your school fundraising event very entertaining. Imagination is everything when it comes to fundraising for schools. That is why you will find many PTA fundraising items for under $10 in our school fundraising brochures. There are many PTA fundraising companies found on the Internet today.
easy fundraisers for schools is sure to be every preschool student’s new furry friend! This lovable plushie comes in either white or brown and wears a customizable shirt in your school colors. Another delicious option that you could explore to raise some funds is a Recipe Cookbook Fundraiser. This option does require coordination, volunteers, and some capital but the final result will be a memento that the community will be proud of and cherish for years to come.
For a movie night, you’ll have to pick movies from different genres and conduct surveys to find the most loved movie. You can partner with different organizations to host a cost-effective event and raise funds through registration fees and the sales of different items during the event. The best part about this fundraising idea is that it provides an opportunity for parents to bond with their kids while raising funds for a social cause. During the event, you can have a host of fun activities like raffle draws and face painting.