10 most profitable fundraising ideas Fred Hollows Foundation

Make sure the jar is placed somewhere prominent with a high traffic of people. And as an added bonus, your students get the opportunity to feel like famous artists. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas can be such a fun time for your group and community and a great way to raise money at the same time. This next fundraising idea, in a similar fashion to the cell phone recycling fundraiser, is the ink cartridge recycling fundraiser.
These can be made big, with teams of volunteers sorting the items dropped off in advance or upon entry into separate areas for tops, pants, dresses, coats, sweaters. You can have catering, entertainment, and even a lecture about sustainability. Nowadays, there are also digital donation jars which can accept card donations too. Make sure your wristbands are unique and made from high-quality materials in order to best represent your cause.
Ask a local business if they’d be willing to keep your fish tank in their restaurant or store. All you need for this simple competition is a wind-up clock, volunteers, and a prize. Wind your clock to its full extent and have supporters or members of your community purchase minutes. A live-streamed question and answer session provides supporters with an exclusive behind the scenes look into your organization and your team.
There are so many reasons you might want to start a fundraiser. Maybe your school needs a little extra money to start a new initiative. Or maybe you run a non-profit that’s constantly strapped for cash.
More than likely, someone in your congregation has access to a vacation home. For this auction item, see if they’ll donate that home for usage by another member or family for a week or so as a high-demand auction item. If you can’t find an available vacation home, see if you can get a good deal on a hotel or Airbnb. The best part about this is that it will likely go for high bids but be given to your church at a low (or no!) cost. If your town has an aquarium, chances are, the kids in the area love it. Offer the chance for a student and their friends to stay overnight at the aquarium for an unforgettable slumber party with their favorite marine animals.
You might even partner with local retailers to sell shoes or jewelry, too. For a firewalk fundraiser, you’ll need to set up a short path of burning coals for people to walk over. Safety is critical with this fundraiser, so consider reaching out to professionals who can do this for you and ensure the coals are at a safe temperature for your event. The traveling toilet fundraiser is a unique way to help your organization get flushed with cash!
Selling cold bottled water or homemade lemonade along with the baked goods at a football game would increase profits. Try to coordinate donations of specially packaged food items that the buyer can use or give as gifts, like bagged cookie ingredients or homemade granola in decorative jars. Most importantly, make people aware that you’re selling your cookbook as a fundraising event and feature information about your charity in the cookbook. A cookbook fundraiser can be a lot of initial work but often yields great results.
Who wouldn’t want to do something that’s both good for the environment and raises money? Parents, alumni, local businesses, and members of your community pledge to support the students cleaning up. These school fundraisers are highly supported within the community and can help you raise more money. Elementary school fundraising ideas mostly involve teachers and parents for supervision and hence, the school gets an opportunity to involve more people and boost its outreach.
Regardless of whether or not they donate, the recipients of your letter have taken time out of their days to read your words. International food days are an excellent way to teach youth and adults about diversity, to prepare them for mission trips around the world. Bring everyone back to a time of simple, old-fashioned board games with a retro game night. Once you’ve decided to host bingo on a certain day, you can send out an email blast to invite your congregation to participate. Charge just a couple of dollars per bingo card, and get the game rolling. If you do end up hosting a more complex event like a 5k, some event management systems will let you arrange unlimited events through them.
Hire a plot and invite local food vendors and trucks to sell for a day on behalf of your organization’s fundraiser. Charge an entry fee or ask for shares of the truck profits, play music and immerse yourself in foodie heaven. An open-air venue would work wonders for such a dinner fundraising night. Set some counters with different food items on them, such as ice creams, burgers, pizza, pies, etc. Challenge your attendees and take an entry fee for each category.